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Investment Readiness Programme

Investment Readiness Programme

Are you looking to improve and grow your business by raising finance? 

E-Synergy is running a series of Access to Finance programmes in England. The purpose of which is to help SME's define their business model and increase the chances of receiving equity or loan funding. 

Obtaining investment for your business idea is always going to be difficult.  There needs to be very good reasons why your business should win out against other calls on investors’ cash.  It is difficult to create a good case for investment from a poor business proposition but it is quite easy to ruin a goodproposition by a lack of understanding on what investors require and what attracts them to invest. 

E-Synergy has helped over 700 companies to obtain finance by improving their investment proposition before it is sent to investors. We do this in various ways, but by far the most effective are our Investment Programmes, which we have run in several European countries over the last few years.

Over 700 companies have benefitted from E-Synergy’s Investment Programmes,subsequently raising over £100 million of investment finance. 


If your growth objectives are:


Ø  Expansion

Ø  New Product Launch

Ø  Acquisitions

Ø  Access to New Markets


and you would like to know more about the Access to Finance programme, please fill in this short questionnaire and one of E-Synergy’s specialist team will be in touch shortly.