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Need Finance?

Need Finance?

Do you need finance for your business idea?

E-Synergy currently has five investment funds under management, a joint venture fund in NE England, a co-investment fund in Scotland and a substantial proof of concept grant fund in Northern Ireland, all of which have funds available to invest in exciting new business opportunities.

If you need development capital in the range £50k to £1m and have an idea which will stand up to business scrutiny, then we would like to hear from you. Ideally you will need to provide us with a business plan but if your company is at a very early stage we can help you to structure your ideas to appeal to investors, provide seed finance to enable you to develop your business model and fund your company through the first few stages of its evolution.

Our standard Term Sheet can be viewed here.

Our investment and business support resources can be mixed and matched to most new business situations.  Get in touch and we’ll tell you more.

The East Midlands Early Growth Fund (EMEGF) is a £5m venture capital fund that has been set up to invest in start-up and early-stage businesses based in the East Midlands.

The Northern Ireland Spin Out (NISPO) includes £7m of venture capital funding plus £3m of grant support and other initiatives to support businesses in Northern Ireland that are at the start-up stage.