Why E-Synergy?


We are one of the most experienced and successful investment teams specialising in early stage businesses in the UK.  During the past ten years we have invested in over one hundred companies, managed nine investment funds (of which two still have funds available) and raised an aggregate of over £45 million for early-stage companies from funds and private investors.

But we don’t just provide investment finance. Our investment managers are experienced professionals who have held senior positions in industry and commerce and add considerable value to the companies in which we invest from their knowledge of business, markets and technologies. E-Synergy is run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs; people who have done it before, learned from mistakes and understand what is needed to convert an interesting idea into commercial success.

We call the process our Enterprise Escalator. We offer companies seed finance in the form of small grants, hands-on support to create a successful investment proposition with protected IP and venture finance through our investment funds and private investors.

Not all early stage companies need every stage of the Escalator, but by offering a tailored combination of investment finance, backed up by practical business advice, we increase your chances of success and your investors’ chances of making a good return on their investment.

The company has also developed and spun out a crowd funding site – InvestingZone – based on the E‑Synergy business angel network.


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News & Interest



August 2016

Investee company Lovestruck, a UK based dating company, was sold to Datetix an Australian online dating company.

July 2016

Follow on investments were made in Critical Pharmaceuticals and Promethean Particles from the East Midlands Early Growth Fund.

June 2016

Investee Company PathXL, based in Belfast, was sold to Philips to become part of their suite of Digital Pathology Solutions.

May 2016

Investee company Food and Drug Analytical Services (FDAS), based at BioCity Nottingham, has been bought by Tentamus UK, a subsidiary of German laboratories group Tentamus Group.