In addition to direct investments, E‑Synergy has trained over 1,000 companies on how to prepare for investment and work with investors. This work has been carried out in partnership with 10 different organisations throughout the UK and Europe including the Carbon Trust, European Space Agency, and Grant Thornton.

Obtaining Investment can offer be a frustrating and fraught process particularly if you an early stage company and never done it before. E-Synergy delivers a mixture of training, consultancy, mentoring and incubation to improve the process for young companies.

Our USP comes from the following mix:

  • Delivered by active investors

  • E-Synergy is staffed by a mixture corporate business people, entrepreneurs (failed and successful), accountants and fund managers.

  • Successful track record

The focus of the offering is to help people raise investment and covers two aspects:

  • How investors and the whole investment process works

  • How to appeal to investors

  • How to get the right business model

New entrepreneurs come from many different backgrounds, University Spin-outs to long term corporate employees wanting a change of scene. All these people have one thing in common they do not fully understand the investment process. Given that most investors only allow entrepreneurs one shot to access their funds then understanding the process, the buzz words and the key issues is an essential path to success.

E-Synergy offers a number of support packages to assist entrepreneurs and companies to improve their chances of a successful investment.

Investment readiness training is a proven route to overcoming these issues and E-Synergy is one of the country’s leading exponents. The E-Synergy delivery team are also active investors and E-Synergy is one of the few funds in the UK who provide this type of training.

Finally, E-Synergy offers consultancy support for in depth assistance to entrepreneurs and companies.